people are so stupid it's funny

i was on the bus on my way home from work and this random guy just starts a conversation with out of nowhere.He just starts talking like if he was continuing a conversation we where having earlier. i decided to talk to him because it was a long ride and i was pretty bored. after a while he was getting annoying and a realized i could probably make a word up, throw it in the middle of a sentence and he would go along with it. so i look around and i seen an ad go vagsil and right next to it is an ad for some McDonalds sandwhich. i came up with the word naldsil. the man stopped talking for a minute then agreed. he talked the whole time afterwards and icould not get a word in, he smelled like a mixture of old cabbage, smoke, and urine. The more i moved away the closer he got then he really started to creep me out so i got off at the wrong stop and walked home which took about 25 minutes.

Uploaded 07/16/2008
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