People in China and overpopulation

So you probably know that the most people on the earth are chinese so its one country that has so many people and its overpopulared whats frigtning is that people are getting out of living space and it might happen soon theres more and more people the wars and playgs are what made the population kept balanced you know that if youre good in history lol just kidding everybody knows that in medieval times humans were not immoune to diseases like today theres medicine and simple cough could kill or even if you caught a flu you would be lucky to be alive if you lived in for example 15th century. so now theres more and more people especially in china theres a lot of people and soon theres not going to be enough space for everyone to be happy you know theres gonna be elites who still live in castles and are rich but poor people arent going to like this so the technology is going to be much more anvanced and space travel is already possible but thats going to be expensive iven if you find another planet like earth somewhere and you dont know if its not overpopulated by some aliens already lol like in avatar and its not making things easier because it might be already overpopulated
Uploaded 08/03/2011
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