People piss me off sometimes....

I'm pretty easy going. I don't start shit unless it is started with me first. But there are somethings that really piss me off to the point that I almost lose it. These will seem trivial to some; familiar to others, but they REALLY piss me off:

  • Ordering 1 lb. of Virginia baked ham at my grocery store. The woman cutting the ham is having an in-depth conversation with one of her co-workers about the way the store manager "talked to" her yesterday. She stops THREE FUCKING TIMES to ask me how much ham I wanted. Let me explain; I DIDN'T ORDER ANYTHING ELSE!!!
  • Drove 9 hours to Myrtle Beach and mostly sat in the room sleeping in the AC. Why did I let them talk me into that shit?
  • I have to complete "associate appraisals" this month. These are for the people that work for me. They are NOT tied to increase. The associates think they are bullshit (because it doesn't effect their money) and I think it is a monumental waste of everyone's time. Some HR asshole came up with this. I want to beat them with a hammer or something.

Other than that, I love the human race most of the time.



Uploaded 08/17/2008
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