People That Put Shit On Their Cars

Seeing one of the new features on this site reminded me of something else that makes me lose faith in humanity. People that put stickers, or "meaningful" license plates on their car in hopes the person that is stuck behind you in traffic will gain an epiphany from your inspirational phrases: "Jesus Loves You," "Save An Animal Go VEG," no thanks, fuck you.

The idea that you think I even give a shit about what your personal beliefs shows me you are not only ignorant, but a self centered fuck who thinks the world (people in the car behind you) gives a flying rat's ass what your morals are. Guess what? No one does except you and your warped friends and family.

Another car add on that pisses me off is the Jesus fish, really, do you even know what that is about? Probably not. In which now I offically stamp the notion that anyone who has this is a niave moron. What is that fish supposd to represent hmm? Is it to show your faith, to prove others and yourself that you're a good Christian? Hey, just because you have a fucking fish on you car doesn't mean you have the right to wave off the fact you didn't fucking put your Goddamn turn indicator on, or relieve you from punishment from you fucking putting your brakes on when we're all trying to merge on the damn highway. Basically, quit putting religious statements or anything religion off your car, because deep down you're an asshole, and assholes don't go to Heaven.

What else? Oh yeah, the dumb bitches/surf wannabe's that put "Roxy," "Billabong," or those stupid fucking Hawaii flowers on their vehical. Hey jack asses, you're in Virginia, not exactly a surfing legendary area, move to the midwest that way you can appear more like the dumb fuck you really are. And the flowers, what's the deal? You never been to Hawaii, you probably don't even know the name of the damn flower! Do everyone a favor, cut your brake lines and drive on I-95 through DC durring rush hour.

The people that put those little stickers of the members in their immediate family. Don't give a fuck, I'll kill them all. Next.

Those fucking rednecks that put those Calvin pissing on a Ford symbol or pissing on something, and you know what? Let's add on the Calvin and random girl praying to the damn cross to his little section too. You know what? That's copy right infringment, and you're supporting it. The creator of Calvin and Hobbes has never leased out his creation to be raped by corporations to make money, every one of those stickers are illegal, and it pisses me off because for one, you don't even know what that character is, and you try to adopt that to your hickish ways. Also, again I state, I don't give a fuck if you hate Ford, or pray to a fucking cross, it only makes me want to say two things, "Fuck you."

I might have missed some stickers, but I figure George Carlin covered a good majority, these are more current ones that I've noticed that infuriate me and make me laugh in their conceded faces.Thanks for reading and commenting, I may edit it this more later.





Uploaded 04/10/2009
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