People will cry over anything

So yesterday Bright House Cable went down for a couple hours because of a comm. fault between its service stations and the cable boxes in people's houses. To me, this doesn't seem like a big deal, so I couldn't watch TV for a few hours, so fucking what. Well apparently this upset a HUGE number of people. They attempted to call customer service numbers but since the service stations were down, they couldn't get through. What do they do? They fucking call the local news station and bitch about not being able to watch fucking TV. Are you fucking serious!?!?


Are we that obsessed with a television that if it's down and we can't figure out why that we must resort to bitching to anybody and everybody we can? Now thanks to those fucktards that couldn't get their fix, Bright House must now refund over $1 million to those customers that lost service. To me this seems absolutely ludacrious. Call me crazy but fuck all you people who are so addicted to television that you whine because you can't watch it. Thanks EBW, I feel much better now.



Uploaded 12/09/2008
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