Pepper Peanut: playing favorites on Ebaums again

So yeah, it may not be the wisest move to blog about one of the mods on here, but I felt this was a good time for it. Pepper Peanut just loves to take a look at what I post and then delete something as a duplicate. I don't know how many times he's nuked one of my posts for duplication, but it's been quite a few times.


It was not surprising therefore to sign on and find out that one of his favorites had posted the cheese chasing competition from the UK and that it had been selected as a featured item. I posted a cleaner, longer, and funnier version and had it as the featured media on my profile for 2 years now. But, since the other guy wasn't me, Pepper apparently felt that it was A-ok to have the new feature and to avoid deleting it.

Pepper has been known to post dupkicates too, but those are fine since it's him doing the posting. Gosh, it's so much fun dealing with a double standard like that. That's one of the reasons I quit posting as much, about a year and a half ago.


If he'd quit playing favorites, I just might go back to posting things on here. There have been several times now where I've been first by a post by more than a day, but he sent me the infamous notice that mine was deleted for duplication, even though mine was timestamped a full day ahead of the guy who got selected.


Uploaded 06/05/2011
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