Pet Peeves, Yeah, Me Too

Well there is gourmet food. Just because it comes in some funky packaging and isn't produced by a huge corporation doesn't mean you can call it gourmet. Some one gave me some corn chips and salsa. It was supposed to be gourmet. Well one bite later I'm thinking "WTF, just give me some Tostito scoops and a jug of Pace. And there's no goddamn reason that sugar should EVER be put in salsa, Period.


People who ride in the passing lane in your blind spot for 30 miles. Your heads bobbing back and forth like Ty's leopard, trying to figure out where the fuck they are. Pass or pull in behind, you goddamn douche.


Reality T. V. Most of these shows have about 5 minutes of material. Then they spend most of the show telling what they just showed you and what they're about to show you. After each break they rehash what just happened in the last segment, show you 1 minute of "new" shit that they told you was coming at the end of the last. And over and over.



Thanks for reading.


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Uploaded 05/16/2011
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