Phylisio - The Drone Pilot

Hello fellow eBaumers,
I've been pretty busy with my first week of training to be a professional drone pilot, but I know you would miss me and are anxiously awaiting word from me. 

You'll be pleased and proud I passed the medical and mental tests and exams. In fact the medical doctor said I was a perfect specimen and would like to examine me further because I'm a great study for other interns at the facility. The psychiatrist mentioned that I have the perfect temperament when it came to handling powerful weapons of mass destruction and he'd trust me with controlling drones and his children. How sweet was that? I know eh!
On another note, I found a ladies wallet with everything in it along with $170.00. After finding her on Face Book, I contacted her and returned the wallet the next day. A while back I would have kept the money, but since the taxpayer is paying me real well to train how to kill people, I felt it was the least I could do. 
Next week I  will be controlling a drone somewhere out in the middle east for the first time, just for spying on the terrorists to see what the little devils are up to. My instructor won a medal for his bravery in taking out some radical Islamic. Here's a picture of it. One day I will have one.

Here's a picture of the actual cockpits where they have weaponized drones. If you look at the base of the seats you'll notice a mechanism that allows you to feel the strains on the aircraft as it travels. Wowwee! I look forward sitting on that when there is turbulence!

One day I dream that as America flies drones into terrorist countries the people will welcome them as the freedom fighters they are. And as they fill the skies the mayors and villagers of small towns and cities will cheer, " America the great" or "America is making us free". Makes me fill with patriotism just thinking about it. It'll be like in those old war movies as the Americans swept in, the people cheered and were freed from the Nazi's. Except this time they will cheer when they see Predator drone protecting them from the extremist. I love being American. Thank-you Obama, the best war time president ever!
Uploaded 02/18/2013
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