Pick of the Week I Like Kids

This weeks video is to be filed under "bad parenting; we all love a good prank and kids are great at being part of the plan, but if one is going to include the critters in the fun please be careful. The classic jumping out from behind a couch to see the little ones terrified faces, its priceless. In this case were the adults judgment clouded by chance? Not sure what would be a worse excuse, being drunk or just a dumb ass. This video made me wonder about the recent spate of child disappearances around the country, why kill a kid?  Isnt it safer, and more fun, to just punish them like these folks do in my pick of the week video?  What could a child possibly do to cause its own murder?  If ones spouse is found fucking a deer in the garage, that could cause a homicidal rage; but an annoying child, is that worth murdering? Is history loaded with filicide?  Check it out, see for yourself what NOT to do unless the alternative leaves blood on your hands.

Uploaded 08/27/2010
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