Pointless blog, read at your own risk.

I gotta say, I'm only writing this blog because I want to see my avatar in full size. Plus, I haven't written a blog in a while. So, if you were looking for something intellectual or meaningful and came here just to bitch about the lack of substance, it's your own damn fault that you don't understand warnings. You would probably walk into a room that has a huge sign reading, "Danger: infinity volts of unbridled electric fury!"  and get vaporized within a nanosecond. And you would deserve it!

   Now that I'm done being a douchebag, I must say, I haven't missed ebaumsworld that much. I only go to the blog section and completely ignore everything else. And the blogs are ok, if I feel like getting pissed off at jackasses I will never meet whose opinions don't matter over trivial affairs that no-one should care about. My new site of choice is  It is my new source of mindless entertainment for hours on end until I have shooting pains up my left arm, presumably from typing and clicking and not cardiac arrest. I'm not dead, so I guess I didn't have a heart attack.

   I just realized that after I said I was done with my pointless douchebaggery, I just starting dissing on EBW. I guess that didn't make much sense. Forgive me, my friends. I leave you now to pursue other things.

Uploaded 10/04/2008
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