Well, it seems the topic has reared its ugly face in the blog section yet again (this time by someone exceptionally less intelligent).  If you've all been paying attention, you'll have noticed that I like to side with the Democrats more than the Republicans.  First, let me stress that I'm not a Democrat or any variety of a "lying, cheating, liberal, brainwashed, communist" which the Republicans love calling the Democrats.  I'm, in fact, not even old enough to vote, though this still gives me the freedom of speech.

If all of you stop to notice how this argument has played out, you'll notice that it is in fact the Republicans who side with McCain that take more joy out of mud-slinging than the Obama supporters.  Now as you all also know, I do not atone to mud slinging as a form of running for the leader of the Country and, indirectly, the World.

So, Republicans, I issue you a challenge.  If you can tell me why you are voting for McCain without talking shit about Obama, I'll consider changing my mind on how I see Republicans.  If you decide to use what McCain plans on doing about the Economy, War in Iraq etc.  you should also tell why you like his specific plan, and why you think it is plausible. 

Maybe we can see what our boys in Red really have to say about this touching matter.  (PS. If you resort to ageism to get your point across, you lose, end of story.)

Uploaded 10/23/2008
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