I remember about three years ago there were a lot of people who were against Obama for president myself included. His lack of experience in Governing would surely make him a "do little president" and for the most part I think he has done exactly that. The things I learned that Mr Bush was doing right under my nose and I never had a clue has made me hang my head in shame. Make no mistake, the shit storm Obama walked into was a joint effort by BOTH parties and Bush/Cheney were the damn ring leaders. If I were grading Obama as president I would give him a B- and would give him a lot more if he would just grow a pair and tell the ultra conservatives who want to shut the country down and the Liberal Democrats who want to give everything away to just shut the fuck up and give me a minute to think!  Now all that being said when Obama was running for president, not like he has the last three years, but running for president we had a lot of angry individuals who called us racist because we didn't want him as president. Name calling and attacks were the norm and here we are once again and another person, Mr Tea party himself Ron Paul has his people out in force and once again the name calling begins. I was called older than dirt and that i need the  Government to wipe my ass. I will tell you what I want from my Government, I want them to pay the damn money back to Social security because once they do that it is one of the only liquid funds we have. They wont do that because they have spent a lot of the money trying to find a the ever so perfect  word that will offend people enough that they will insist on tearing the program down and the word "Entitlement" oh hell yes if you draw SSI you are draining the system. Its not entitlement its our fucking money. If I would have paid my insurance funds in an average amount of 100 bucks a week do you think when i had to go on disability we would even consider letting an Insurance company screw people out of that money? Well maybe if the new Tea Party republican had their way yes, because we cant have the rich paying their share.
Rednote had it correct, its already rigged and it wont matter if we vote. I am just stubborn and refuse to go down without a fight so I will vote and most likely I wont get to vote for my choice because I will more than likely vote in a defensive measure. I will vote any way that has a chance of keeping the Tea Party out of power ANYWAY, and that includes voting for Mr Obama.  Right now I am loving Mr Paul he has just enough power to split them damn Tea partiers right down the middle and I call that a win.
In summary I like the fact that our Government has a charitable disposition but we always want to screw our own people. We need, no we must have Government involvement in our lives because if  we didn't we would have another group out there calling themselves the 9999999% because I have heard the old saying i have never had a poor man offer me a job and without some regulation that same rich man will give you a job and if they feel like it they may even think about paying you. It is so easy to say this government of ours is too big and it is, but damn, it takes a lot of people to maintain some sort of life out there. Just for the record i am old enough to know that we can not allow big business to run rampant, deregulation has put us exactly where we are. Just for the record i like a lot of what Paul has to say, I certainly dont think its in anyone's best interest to dismantle our Government. 
I am sure most of you wont bother reading this it got a little long, but skim it, read it, ignore it, but please notice one thing, I disagree with the Paul advocates and their inability to talk with out the name calling but I wrote all of this and never called them a name, am I the winner?
Thanks for reading and here we go again          Bohank
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