Pop! Pop! Can you hear me?

It was an immensely fun Friday night at the End Up with DJ Hawthorne at the helm, all prompted by the promise of LG being in town.  My newly svelte and newly blond buddy from the East Bay came with a brother and sister pair, the former of which sat down with me for a spell and spun some story of being clairvoyant.  I entertained his somewhat entertaining speech for a bit before he had to potty, and followed along with the intention of waiting for him when he got out.  But the music was amazing, true classic End Up, soulful/diva house shiz the likes of which I love.  So I danced around like Mary at the end of "Party Girl" until I was pooped, and headed home around 3:00.


Saturday was supposed to be the Love Parade, but luckily I'd gone online to discover the day event had been cancelled.  Pity, as I do love boys in hippie/raver attire. 

But I met up with Mandy at Osha instead and soaked in the summery day with Thai appetizers and caprihinas.


My new roomie Hannah and I have plans to do the sushi place down the street some time next week, which will be a fun, month-late welcome home dinner for her.


I want to get a bunny, but I'm afriad Sugar will kill it.  Plus I'm not too keen on the little bullet poops they leave everywhere.


Hannah bought this amazing aloe vera plus green tea handsoap that is like aromatic heroin.  I am addicted to the smell of it.


It's all about adding lemon juice to your water and having some cottage cheese everyday.

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