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Here is the setup....My job takes me to different businesses all the time. A few days ago I went to a Walmart and ran into an ex-girlfriend. I hadn't seen her in over 10 years. When we were dating, we worked together. We spent a total of 20 minutes talking and most of the conversation was about the people we used to work with. We are both married now with kids. My wife is not extremely insecure but it does show around the edges every so often.Now the question...

Should I?

A) Keep this one to myself and hope I don't let it slip out that I saw her later. This would likely cause  the "Why didn't you tell me earlier? You must have something to hide." line of questioning.

B) Tell her right away. Say the ex got fat and ugly (which she didn't). That it was good to find out how much of  a train wreck her life had become and how I dodged a bullet.

C) See if the wife wants me to ask the ex if she wants to get together and make a bigD sandwich?

D) ___________________________________________________________________________________


I will abide by whatever answer gets the most votes. Just 'thumb up' the response you like. I will use D) as a fill in the blank suggestion. I trust the EBW bloggers to guide me down the right path.



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