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The new layout's designers deserve a medal, not only for introducing a great design with a lot of the old glitches and bugs fixed, but also for revolutionising the site's aspects. I already wrote about the great NEWEST tab, which incorporates all the new uploads except the inappropriate ones (which are filtered). Easy to maintain and keep in check by the mods and it allows the viewers to browse through sections they would normally not trouble themselves opening (discovering the blog section this way, for example).

The new design provided the section with a lot of talented writers. But I wanted to write about the POPULAR section. The new script gathers the most popular media from the month - which means it calculates the popularity by certain criteria like view count, vote count (not the rating itself, so if a butt hurt troll 1stars you from a bunch of alts, it actually gives you an advantage, the troll fail owning themselves this way), number of comments, etc. Here's a screen shot of the POPULAR tab:


As you can see there's many different media there. The variety is astounding. You can watch the most liked blogs, featured galleries and clips. The great thing is the most viewed clips are often the ones that got a lot of rise from the users, getting a very low rating as the result, for example. There's a lot of my blogs that made the main page of POPULAR and I'm glad that more people can view my marvelous articles and read my opinions on important things this way. To whoever invented the new system, I would like to say - don't mind the haters saying the old layout was better. It simply wasn't. It was outdated and allowed idiots to gain millions of eBones by spamming thousands of half naked girl pictures a day. The gallery section, for example, gets a lot more views nyao, and the content is what it was supposed to be - funny galleries

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