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Are you looking for a good pot video with an interesting twist? maybe you've heard all the hype about the different marijuana videos and cannabis videos that are on the internet? tired of seeing the same old weed video broad-casted over and over and over again? well Marijuana doctors has brought to the marijuana video industry a stream of pot videos and weed videos that even the more elegant of crowds may enjoy.  This stream of marijuana videos are very direct and to the point and i personally have never seen a pot video or weed video that has as much thought put into tit as this particular marijuana video.  I definitely give this marijuana video and all other pot videos from this marijuana n video page two thumbs up! great job guys with all the editing work on this one, top of the the line marijuana video and pot video, keep yup the good work.As a mention to the other marijuana n video and pot videos that are posted on the site, i would like to mention that the marijuana video with the sushi guy is by far the funniest of all the videos.  i did like the insurance pot video with the fairly over-sized large guy, haha.. However, the dancing glow stick pot video was my very least favorite.  Although i liked all of them i wouldn't definitely have to say that the sushi weed video was definitely one of the more attracted of the 4 marijuana videos.

Uploaded 05/20/2010
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