Potheads will rule the world

when mankind first emerged it was the strong that survived.

then as they evolved it was the most inventive who had the best weapons.

then it was those with the power to keep their underlings under control.

then once again it was those strong enough to survive medeivel war and famine.

then it was the inventive ones with the medicine.

then it was the romans(powerful enough to keep underling under control)

then it was once again those strong enough to suvive all out war.

and then those with the knowledge to make bigger weapons.

then those able to defend against the germans.

then those with the knowledge to computerize the world.

now we are back to war.

but eventualy as the cycle continues everything will become knowledge.

there will be no war and only those with knowledge will have power.

then peace will reign and their will be no need for knowledge because automated computers will control everything. And everyone will be potheads sitting around smoking weed and talking and munching out.

then aliens will show up and be like "WTF mate" and nuke the shit out of us cuz we are a species with uber advanced technology and we arent doing anything with it we are all stoned.

the end

Uploaded 07/20/2008
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