Prejudice, The Forgotten Word!

I'm not even going to look up the contemporary, modern meaning of the word "Prejudice" . Basically, it means  to pre-judge based on someone's preconceived notions about a certain set of circumstances. 

This  means you see something that you automatically associate with some outcome and that circumstance or set of incidences makes you assume the outcome. This is basic stupidity or at the most conditional thinking.

Prejudice and racism are NOT the same. Prejudice is cognitive thinking that arrives at predetermined conclusions. A kind of lazy thinking, Racism involves a hatred or feeling of superiority over another person different than yourself. 

In today's media  I have noticed a lack of distinction between the two.  With the preference being given to "Racism" which instils a greater reaction to any event. 

Prejudice embodies ignorance, fear and lack of understanding , but racism includes hate, violence and injustice. 

Prejudice may lead to racism. Under stress it mostly does.
Ask yourself, "Then where does racism lead us?" 
The answer is obvious.  Ignorance, fear, hatred, violence, stupidity and most ominous  a disconnect  between first your neighbour and then finally your very family. An accident? A sign of our times? Did I prejudge? Am I prejudice? 
Absolutely, I do judge a person by their color, their gate, what they wear, how they smell, my previous experiences, what the media tells me, what they wear, if they work, who they work for, and how many tattoos and body piercings they have.

The more important question is, "Do I hate them"? I mean people different than I, with different skin, smells, ideas, governments, batshit ideas, music, arts and so on?

I could, and I have in the past. Sometimes fighting those you disagree with is a lot of fun. Nothing wrong with some hand to hand combat  if you keep it above the belt. 
Seriously though you know when you are hating and that is wrong.

Uploaded 03/21/2012
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