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These are some (usually) household tips that I've been putting up on Facebook for a bit of a laugh.

Dan's tip of the day: You know what it's like when you shower at the gym.. You try and towel yourself off but you're sweating faster than you can dry! Before you finish your shower get the water as cold as it'll go and have a quick breathtaking final rinse. This will lower your skin tempreture and allow you to dry yourself without sweating.


Dan's tip of the day: Are you tired of unloading the dishwasher only to find that most of the curlery hasn't washed properly?.. Well always keep the knifes, forks & spoons as seperate as you can. For example more than 2 spoons in the same compartment will fit together perfectly thus creating a surface between the spoons that the water can't get to and the same goes for any identical cutlery.

Dan's tip of the day: Do you have laminate or hard flooring? You can just whip the broom around instead of getting the vacum out like you would with carpet. But what about those hard to reach places.. Like behind the T.V. or under the sofa.. Simply get a hair dryer and blow the suckers out of there, direct the air flow behind the T.V. or under the sofa and watch those bunnies come flying out to your waiting broom.

Dan's tip of the day: Are you tired of emptying your kitchen bin? Always trying to crush it down to fit more in? Well to make this more effective remove all lids and screw tops from cartons, plastic bottles etc.. With the caps removed they can be crushed down but with the caps left on they will ocupy the maximum amount of space for their size because of being filled with air that cant escape.

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