I am willing to bet that almost every single user on this site is or was worried about collecting the proverbial EBW loot. Am I right or am I right.

Well I am here to lay your worries to rest! The system of points and prizes was part of the old EBW and though it still exists like the rest of the site no one is watching the shop. You may have all noticed the lack of moderation, the apparent lack of site maintenance, and the lack of anything being shipped to your waiting little hands.

Here is the deal. There are four count em four people tending this entire site and those of you who prowl around here on a regular basis know how long it takes things to load. Keeping up with it all is a daunting if not impossible task. What is being done doesn't leave anytime to worry about prizes now does it.

The old system involved one of ebaums staff going out and purchasing your "rewards" on a company credit card and then shipping them out. Well that office is obviously closed and the credit card is not in existence anymore either.

To make a long story short if you claimed anything in the past six months or so don't count on it showing up soon or ever. I would also recommend that any of you who are planning on claiming anything now wait until the system is stabilized or dumped.

The whole thing makes me long for the old EBW back before points, prizes, or erep!

Uploaded 02/19/2009
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