Problems with Theory

Two arguments exist.  Each one has it's set of counter arguments.  The funny thing is, they're really the same set of counter arguments, because we cannot comprehend the truth.


1)  Big bang Theory.

2)  God Created all.


Some combine the two, but still it boils down to those two.  Here are the primary arguements:


1)  Where did "God" come from.  (Where did the material or gas that exploded come from?)

2)  How could "God" create everything in 7 days?  (How can life come from non-life?)

3)  What about fossils?  (What about them?  Christians don't deny they exist.)

4)  Where is "God" now?  (Where are cave-men now?)

5)  Cave-men are extinct, are you claiming "God" is extinct?

     a)  No, God is still around, supervising.  Do you really want micromanagement?

     b)  Why don't cave-men "re-evolve"?  All the original conditions still exist.

6)  "God" says there is no beginning.  How can that be?  (What WAS the begining then?)


Anyway you slice it, going back to the "beginning of time" it seems that there is no beginning.  Either God always was, or matter always was.  Either Non-living matter accidentally blew up and created life without any thought, plan, or purpose, or some Loving, Thinking, and All-Knowing being did.  I am not sure which theory is more fantansy.


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