Prodigal wife again

In my last letter to her, I kind of called her out for being critical of my parenting. 


She doesn't admit that she moved back in so it doesn't look like she abandoned her kids.  She said it's because she misses them and wants to make the process easier on them.


She also won't admit infidelity, even though it's obvious.


I had a friend from work over last night.  She comes home at about 6:00.  My son, the only one glad to see her says, "HI, MOMMY!"   When she walks in.  She greats him, runs upstairs and procedes to get ready to go out until 8:00.  Not having any contact with him at all.


In the meantime, I make the kids dinner:  Grilled chicken breast, wide egg noodles, and steamed broccoli.  The blow dryer goes on and off for an hour while we're eating.


At 8:00, she bolts out of the bedroom, wearing her "sexy clothes."  She clomps down the stairs in high heels.  Her son, seeing her leaving, in alarm says, "Mommy!  Where are you going?"


Not even turning around, running out the door, "I'm having dinner with a friend."  Cold shit there.


At least she got home this morning before the kids woke up.


She hasn't been a parent to my kids in months.  She doesn't cook for them.  She doesn't wash their clothes.  She doesn't play with them.  She doesn't read to them.  Yet she's willing to get a $300/hour lawyer to screw up my access to them.


It was sooooo much easier when she wasn't here.  My insomnia is back.  The kids are stressed out.  She actually IS doing the walking around naked in front of me thing.  In my defense, I'm so fucking disgusted with her that I avert my eyes and excuse myself when she does it.  I would have to wear a rubber to safely have sex with her now.


She's going out again tonight.  I'm going to a "spouse dumped me for bullshit reasons when I'm 40" support group tonight.  It's a potluck, poker tourney.  I'll get to meet other men and women who are living in a world of shit.  Sounds pathetic, but I'm going to be there with fresh baked cookies and a $30 buy in.


She'll dump my kids off with her mother if I'm not home in time.  She said she's going out at 10:00 or 11:00.


Seriously, fuck my life.

Uploaded 04/23/2011
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