Professional BS Company

Our company offers the finest BS in the world.  If you need crap, you've come to the right place and eBaum's world seems to be the perfect place to push it.  Be sure to write us for a full catalog of the finest BS you've ever seen.  Every item and service we provide is engineered and manufactured to be totally obsolete in a matter of months at which time you can purchase even more BS from us.

Not everyone can afford our BEST BS, but we have BS to accommodate any price range.  We aim to take everyone's last dollar in spite of the fact that we know many of you are losing your homes and are starving.  There has to be SOMETHING in our line of BS that you just can't do without.

If you're thinking about whether to spend that dollar on food or something totally useless, just think of how you can brag to your friends that our BS was so fine that you went a whole day without food for it!  You'll be the envy of all your friends who are dumpster diving for food!  Be the first one on your block to get some of this fine BS for yourself!

*No warranty is expressed or implied.  BS may be prohibited by law in some areas.  Be sure to check your local regulations.

Uploaded 05/25/2011
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