Profit motive vs Moral motive

Corporations will, and have, deliberately manufactured protocol and their own regulations in order to increase profits... which can, and has resulted in many types of loss to their customers.  We have all heard the examples.  They will only do what is required of them by law... as that is their responsibility.   An example: The Ford Pinto.  Bomb on wheels.  Ford knew fair well that if a customer driving a Pinto were to be hit in the rear, the gas tank would most likely explode.  They did the math and figured that it would cost them more to prevent this, than to deal with the result of someone losing their lives because of this defect. So they made the choice not to deal with it, in order to make more money.  Ultimately they said "buyer beware".. it is up to you to prioritize cost over safety, and thus, if you choose our unsafe product, it is your own fault if you die.  It was a supply and demand thing. Customers wanted to save - Ford made that possible.

Would Ford have put that defect in their advertisements? No.  If you give your customers a reason not to buy your product, they will not buy it, and you will lose in the end.  This has become true.  Now, car companies take action towards increasing safety, because that's what the customer wants.  They advertise their actions as a reason to buy their products instead of other products.  The customer has to be aware, and know what they want, in order for the company to comply.

Profit motive.  Any action a company takes, must be in the interest of profit.  It is what capitalism depends on.  Unfortunately, we all have a price on our lives.  The company's liability has a price.  The financial cost of lawsuits, the price of making products safe, the cost of informing the public.  It's all money... we all have a price tag.  It's best for you to know that if your safety and financial well being does not benefit a company in the way of increasing profits through increased demand/ production, they will not assist you with that in any way... nor is it their responsibility.  The humanless being that is a company, exists for one goal - profit. If they are not for profit, and conduct business at a benefit to the public but not the company - they are no longer a corporation, and instead a charitable organization. Companies ONLY please their customers for the sake of profit - no other reason... anything different that they tell you, is simply a marketing scheme. They very well want you to think they are doing you good, so they can increase sales. They have to make you want to buy from them after all.

So what happens when maintaining your well being isn't profitable?  Bad things happen. People get rear-ended in their pintos and blow up... people die of food poisoning...  people lose their jobs... people lose their homes to the banks because of increased and unaffordable interest rates. Often, the little man gets stuck.  What if the public isn't informed? What happens when consuming is necessity, and because of this, there is more room for a company to make a profit?  You sue... maybe.... provided you have the resources to do that.... and the companies are ready and waiting.  They know and planned ahead for what this will cost them, they know all of the loop holes, they know what it takes to win, or to get out of the situation with little to no damage to them.  And they will not sympathize with you... they, as a humanless being, will cover it's own self interests of profit at all cost.... and if they can pass the tab onto you.. they most definitely will.

So what can we do? We can't allow corporations to put a price on our lives.... We need to be more aware, more conscience, and more responsible for our own consumption.  The corporations are not evil... they aren't human... they have no emotion... they only work towards profit... and will do that in anyway it legally can.  Legally... law... government.  Yep... I said it.  Government regulation is the only thing protecting or morals, beliefs, and well being.

That is exactly why we should push for MORE government regulation of the private sector.  The only thing stopping corporations from taking everything we have and putting it into profits is laws put in place to protect us from it.  How do we make laws? We vote.... we the people use our majority to demand that the government go against these profit motives.  One  person - one vote... a corporations worst nightmare.  This is very evident.  Who hasn't heard of a politician accepting... bribes... from the large corporations.  Fuck... these corporations sponsor election campaigns... it's not because they want to do good for the people, they want the people in power to support their profit motives... and what better way to do that, than to let the politicians in on some of it. And some of you may have heard of the new law that makes it so political candidates do not have to report their sponsors... people took it the wrong way and started to think that the terrorists are sponsoring the president... and that's EXACTLY what the corporations want you to think.  While you're worried about the dirty Muslims buying seats... large corporations are doing JUST THAT. 

This is not the democracy we are proud of.  It is capitalism, and we have to do what it takes to insure the values and freedoms it has given us.  But don't trust the news... we only hear what they want us to.  They will try and scare us with big words like socialism, communism, Hitler, terrorism.  And it's understandable.  It is easy to fear for our freedoms.  The less choice we think we have, the less freedoms we think we have.  Capitalism is this great system that allows anyone to get rich... it entitles us all to private ownership... Please! Stop fooling yourself.  That same system is being used to do the exact opposite for you and me... the large corporations know it... but as long as you still have a bit of hope, they're happy.  As long as you believe that you can one day be the rapist and not the victim, you will think profit motive is fair.  But the more you look into it, and the more you stop listening to the politicians Public Relations coaches, you'll see how many freedoms you actually have, and how capitalism isn't as fair as you might think. 

Ever wonder who those people standing behind the president during one of his speeches are? Sometimes it's the army, but usually it's a bunch of people we don't know to look at.  You figure they are all just a part of the President's staff of accountants, political party, and what have you... but if you look into who these people actually are...some of them are CEOs of large corporations.  Their presence alone tells you that, politicians are puppets, what they say is an act.  It's like mommy bringing you over to the neighbor's house to apologize for beating up their kid.  She stands behind you and makes damn sure you say what you came there to say... you don't really believe it, but to satisfy mom, and to not lose your allowance, you say what she tells you to.

Buyer beware - vote, it's the only bit of democracy we have.  We as a people need to stand up for our freedoms, or they will be taken away. Don't assume that the government is working for us.  Don't assume that all of our freedoms and rights are unquestionable, or even existent. Don't believe what they say, believe what they do.. as actions speak much louder than words... don't let the corporations muffle that important message.  And before you think of Russia, look into socialism and how it's working in some European countries.  Compare your system to that of others, before you assume it's the best.  Look for answers before assuming that someone is making the right choice for everyone.   Instead of demanding that people take responsibility for wrong doing, demand that someone change the way things are.  A government is nothing without it's people... a company is nothing without it's employees and customers... we have power... the corporations ARE trying to limit that... don't let them take away our freedoms and democracy.

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