Progressive Insanity

"The Road To Hell is Paved with Good Intentions",  I've certainly experienced this myself and sadly witness it time and again at every level within society.  My latest episode of this truth happened after I observed an open manhole along the bike route.  Up ahead at the intersection,  I turned around to go back and mark the man hole,  so that the children who rode their bikes to school would not be injured. On my way back I didn't see a second manhole  uncovered and totally destroyed my commercial van tire.  Perhaps the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished" is more appropriate?

This year at the schools there is this push to out  "Progressive" the next school by  using the latest and greatest ideologies in pursuit  of human perfection within the realm of environmental correctness perfectly balanced with healthy life choices all the while fostering deep empathetic growth within the youthful minds and behaviours of our future citizens.   A noble cause indeed. But, with all do respect, could you all just  "Fuck Off".  Educators suck at this stuff and should stick to education, not behaviour modification.

Case In Point. The local high school bans french fries, pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers. Forces cafeterias to serve only healthy wholesome foods for which they have no experience or hope to produce while earning a profit. Good healthy food takes money and expertise to produce for a thousand kids.  It's not going to happen within a school who's cafeteria is run by a private company with close ties to board officials.

The End Result . The cafeteria goes from seven full time employees to one part time employee. Only the staff when desperate or child who is pressed for time buys Pea Taco Spinach wraps.Chip truck parks outside, serves french fries, poutine, corn dogs, hot dogs and hamburgers all done on the deep fry. Chip truck can't keep up, so other kids go to Cheesy Pizza and Dairy Queen for their triple dipped lard infested Yummy Tummy Dips. The kids instead of playing in the yard now need to stand in line for a glorious  serving of salt, fat and cholesterol. 

Thanks Progressives! 

Uploaded 05/29/2012
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