Proof of God? lol

I just read ANALwithChrists blog which was a complete waste of time. But hey, if someone says they have proof that there is a God, no one is not going to take a look. But alas, all that can be found is inane babble, with no actual facts, sound opinion or even a good argument.


     I love the whole something from nothing argument, what people dont know or dont realise is that our entire planet, our entire Solar system came from a star, we are star dust, everything you see feel and touch including yourself- came from a star, a big ball of gas and light. Matter came from energy.


     Whether Stephen Hawking is an atheist or not is irrelevant, the reason people are atheists is because they have the sense to state when told to pray and believe, they ask show me the proof. If someone could turn around and show indisputable proof there is a God. If the evil, hypocritical, jealous, callous motherfucker revealed himself to the Universe and it could be verified that this shit bag is in fact the ruler of the Universe, everyone would believe.  There would be many questions as to why he preaches so much genocide, rape, murder, slavery in it. Also no doubt he would also be tried for war crimes dating back to our beginning.


     Then this always leads to the inevitable, it is a leap of faith, you have to believe or you wont go to heaven, you will burn in a lake of fire blah, blah. Before you say that do a little reading, the idea of hell was added around 400AD, centuries after Christs death. How come it wasnt mentioned beforehand? Like the majority of the bible it was added as and when to suite the churchs needs. Before Hell was added to the bible, Christians were promised salvation for all. Look at a verse like Luke 3'6, "And all men shall see the salvation from god". But when people werent doing what the church wanted, they made more shit up.


     There is no proof of Gods existence and never will be as he is an imaginary friend who deserves to be put into the realms of history along with the Egyptian, Greek and fuck knows how many other religions there are THAT CHRISTIANS WILLINGLY AGREE ARE FULL OF SHIT AND RIDICULOUS, BUT THINK THERE MADE UP FRIEND IS REAL.

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