Property Survey for Mr. HunterDad

Well Hunterdad, I finished the survey you requested. It took some time to establish control, but once I did I discovered it was quite easy.

I drew a map...

At the far North end of the lot, it' kind of complicated. There's a nice cave, but with a lot of noise coming out. You can't just go in there any time. You definately have to have permission. There's no saying when, but when you can't park in the right-of-way, you might be able to park there.

The features around the cave are attractive and well taken care of. It's apparent that a lot of effort goes into maintaining that part of the property on a daily basis.

Going further to the South you've got two nice hills where I spent a lot of time tracing the contours. I noticed one was slightly larger then the other, but all-in-all a great view.

Then the grassy knowl here, which could really use a mowing. This part here is the right-of-way. It's pretty wide for a such a small lot. It's ok to park there though, without getting into too much trouble. Except when there is red paint on the curb. Today the paint was still wet and I got it all over my equipment...

This part here is the back alley. That's the headache area. There's a sewer running right down the middle and it ends right here at this thing we call a manhole. It could use a long snake, but it's a dirty job.

Doing my research, it appears this property has been surveyed many times before. I found evidence of previous monuments everywhere I looked.

Here at the intersection of the alley and the right-of-way it appears you have some kind of infestation going on just below the surface. You should have that looked at.

I hope this survey helps you with your wife's property.


Uploaded 11/07/2008
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