PSU halloween night 1

Halloween fell on a Saturday, and the zoo decided to visit the Mayor at Penn state. M3, 50, Papa Shengo, The King, and the Rat all came, and were ready to rage. No one knew what this night would turn out to be like, and everyone was pretty nervous that we were going to jail, gangbanging a girl, or killing the Mayors roommate. Before the zoo even arrives at PSU they start to pregame in the kings car, chugging how do you say grey goose in GermanPOPOV. Yup Popov one of the cheapest vodkas money can buy. They pounded so much vodka in the car that M3 pukes all over kings car. As soon as they reach PSU the kings station wagon decides to break down. The only car that every zoo member came down to PSU had absolutely no breaks, and it was the weekend so they were all to be stranded at PSU.

Now lets describe the Mayors roommate Butfag. This kid might be the biggest bitch in the world. He rarely drinks, he thinks hes the greatest, he pretends that he use to smoke a lot of weed (he never smoked in his life), he doesnt know how to have fun, to name more he just doesnt understand what college truly is about. To fuck around with him while his girlfriend was visiting for the weekend (she wanted all our cocks) M3 decides to party boy Butfag. After the party boy we continue to booze and get really fucked up. We go out have a great time enjoy ourselves at the frat parties, watch papa shengo dance with Asians. We start to walk back home at 330 am to go smoke. While were walking we find a table made out of a Do Not Enter sign and we take it back to my house.

We start to smoke and bake out the house when Butfag walks in and start complain about this table. He wants the table out, but we want to keep it. He tries to pull the table but we stop him from doing so. Finally he pushes 50 while 50 is holding the table. Big mistake. After he pushes 50, 50 clock this kid in the face and they start to brawl, more of a rape of Nanking because Butfag had no chance. No zoo member even felt the need to hop in and help because it was destruction. Butfags girl is crying in the corner, im smoking, and everyone else is sitting on the couches. 50 finally looks at papa shengo and says should I kill him, shengo gives him the roman thumbs up for the no kill and backs down. Immediately following this Butfag is bleeding all over he calls his mom and dad. What a bitch. His parents immediately leave their house (they live 3 hours away) and come to rescue their son. Since they thought they owned our house they had a key and storm in at 6 in the morning kicking every one out, and the dad even tired to fight me because I told him to fuck off and that his son was a fucking bitch. Moral of the story just dont live with a bitch.

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