Pumpkin carving time again!!

Well, as the Halloween season creeps and crawls into our lives, many stores are getting prepped with decorations, and party favors. I have been making my own arrangements as well...

I am quite the fan of Halloween! I enjoy decorating my yard with all kinds of ghoulish figures, mock cemetery's, skeletons, fog machines, strobe lights, etc... Suffice it to say that I "go all out" in the way of decor. More importantly, though, you can't possibly celebrate Halloween PROPERLY without a jack-o-lantern!!!

Now, last year I wrote a blog entry with many details and tips for what I, and many others, refer to as "extreme carving". Here's the link to that if you feel so inclined to read it...

I have almost 300 pumpkin stencils that I am willing to share to those of you who really want to try your hand at something a little more intricate and evasive than a standard ole "pumpkin face". Honestly, the stencils range from very easy to challenging. I have a lot of stuff from movie monsters to tim burton characters to stuff for the kids like super mario and disney princesses. I just did one for a coworker of a pit-bull face because she works at a rescue shelter. Needless to say, you have MANY options. That being said, if you want something VERY specific, I might not be able to get it for you. most of what I have is fairly basic. For example, if you want a stencil of batman fighting the joker, I can't get that, but i do have a batman face stencil, the batman logo, and a joker "heath ledger" stencil.

Another pic gallery upload i did last year had a few examples of what kind of stuff I have, and here is the link for that as well...
I did all of these personally. The shittiest one though was the "i like turtles" pumpkin I did after a spur of the moment thing that happened in the old chat room with Gabby and MacD when we were joking about me doing an eBaums themed pumpkin and that stupid turtle kid was the first thing that popped into my head.

ANYWAY, If any of you boys and ghouls would like some cool stencils for your pumpkins this year, or if you have any requests for something, just ask me and I can let you know if have it available.
Uploaded 09/07/2012
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