Punk Rock

I was thinking about music today and I came to the conclusion that all music beyond punk rock sucks as now. Everyone else is just out there for the money. Now, thats not to say that punk rock bands arent in it for the money but they atleast still seem to have a love for their music. I am not talking about those crap bands that claim to be punk. Just because you wear close that are not considered preppy and you listen to bands like Greenday and Offspring it doesnt give you the right to call yourself punk. Bands have sold out in a big way lately. Lady Gaga, Train, and the rest of the main stream shit all need to learn that they are just the flavor of the week. They have little to no musical talent and they all need to just stop what they are doing. The next generation needs to listen to real music. So, I plee with anyone under the age of 16 please go out and download a few songs from true punk bands. Listen to NOFX, Rise Against( the older stuff), Drop Kick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The dead Kennadies, or Pennywise. Any of these bands will make you forget about all the lame ass shit that is on the air waves right now.

Thank You


Uploaded 05/05/2010
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