pure hatred

religious animosity is a terrible thing, countless wars have been fought solely because of religious differences(kind of childish if u ask me, "my god could totally kick ur god's ass"). but its out there, sadly most of this hatred is not well founded. a majority of arguments i have heard against other religions was simply well they are wrong cuz ya know we say so. which is a stupid thing to say because who is to say whether one side is wrong or right. the only fair way to settle it would be if a certain god came down from where ever and said yea its just me up here so lets get it together. but thats not the case, and thats the point of religion. it was created in order to explain things that at the time were unexplainable, certain natural events and mostly death. ppl were scared and they wanted some reassurance that everything was happening for a reason. and thats really all that mattered. it was never any religions true intention to cleanse the world and prove other ppl wrong, it was just to give ppl some security. in fact its never really even stated that one religion is any more right or wrong than the other, all it says is spread the word of god(speaking of christians). key word be spread, not enforce. and ive notice that a lot of ppl take it that way. far too many ppl have taken to inturpreting the bible to support their own means then just reading it as what it is, as statement of religious views. as far as i know no where in the bible does it say that only christians are right about everything and all other religions have the wrong idea, because that was never the intention. all religion is, any religion, is just a means to silence ppls fear of things they dont understand. and i think the world would be a little better and safer place if everyone could see that

Uploaded 05/13/2008
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