Every story Holds truth, It is a matter of how you find it, that becomes the point of confusion and contortion. After looking at all the evidence, I've drawn a final conclusion. 



For thousands of years religion was authority, and the word of God was preached by Man. And so, Man ruled Man. But therein lays the problem. Every prophet of God and Messenger says the same thing. GOD IS GOOD we will achieve purpose and connection, peace and unity, if we come to accept and understand and emulate this behavior that is GOD. Everything pure and good is the spirit of God. And yet every single mainstream religion to exist has participated in wars that claimed countless lives...So why Do our Messengers Say One thing, But our Followers do another? Because of the fact Man Cannot Rule Man. We cannot Enforce the "Will of God" From Many Different Religions Like Laws and in trying we destroy the main goal of what Religion tries to achieve: GLOBAL UNITY. 



So it's safe to say that the problem is that there are Too Many Different Cultural backgrounds Trying to be "Right", Even though the Main meaning of every messenger, from every different religion, was basically the exact same thing. It's the Cultures that are too different for there to be any cooperation. Not the Word of God. 



The True Purpose of Religion is to Achieve Unity, Peace, to Understand of God and achieve personal strength to overcome Evil. But if the problem is that there are too many different cultures with their own tradition and variations of religion, to get to the true purpose of religion, than Certainly the Answer is to create an irrefutable source of information and a unified life style. Hence the: New World Order.



How did we go about Creating a Irrefutable source of information. and a unified life style? SCIENCE. or what our Ancestors would call "MAGIC". Manipulating the nature of the elements. 



Illuminati, Free Mason, the Knights of Templars, these groups of men where all seeking a common treasure...Technology through science, the likes of which the world had never seen before. and with it, they would be able to prove once and for all. The truth's that escaped us all. 



After intense research i discovered that These organizations were originally formed by small communities of politicians, doctors, mathematicians, philosophers, inventors, engineers and teachers. They were very religious but at the same time possessed great curiosity of the unknown. For these particular men, Faith alone wasn't enough to accept or believe something. They needed hard evidence and supported research to consider something to be true. 



So came to light the nature of Science. And we all know Science Trumps Religion. Or.. is Science the New World Order Religion that we have no choice but to believe?



If a scientist tells you the nature of water or a priest tells you what god said about water. Which one are you more inclined to believe...



If a doctor says you are sick, but a holy man says you are fine according to god, whose advice would you seek?


For a time the Holy man and Priest would be 100% right, but over the years... Science came in to replace Faith... And these men who originally started these groups were casted out by the religious world, Said to practice black magic and work for the will of Satan...  



So now we have a few small groups of practicing scientist trying to successfully prove our questions with information backed up by proof and research. And they are casted out of their communities all throughout Europe. They have no choice but to leave to avoid persecution and travel the very harsh seas to the America's And when they got here, they Took Over. They set up their own system of government and collaborated to push out the French and British from their own colonies.  They Established the foundation of the NWO in America, with science and technology they continue to this day to influence the entire world. The problem is as a i said earlier...Man Cannot Rule Man. And if Science is the New most Powerful religion, and Man is In charge of it still, Then according to the type of men at the top, we will have either a Peaceful fate or be Doomed. 


As we see in our history, with any religion, there is war. and Science brought upon man a new breed of war. Devastating and Demoralizing. That is the danger our ancestors warned of. Information is Power, and power can be used for good or evil. Depending on who holds the balance. And as we see clearly by looking at the present state of things. The fuckers at the top are corrupted. 


Let us pray, for one day, a Unified Earth and a Global Moral. Where people can accept and love one another without discrimination, and everybody alive will have at least a good standard of living and quality of life.

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