Quality uploads Vs mass uploads

     Lately I have noticed a lot of people bitching about getting a  feature, or complaining about how many uploads they have submitted but still haven't gotten one. My take on it is as follows... 

     #1. Sure you can upload 65 videos in one day, but for the most part, how many of those videos submitted were of quality material? Are you just on youtube downloading anything and everything you can to try to up your erep points? There is really no need for someone to download 20 different versions of people dancing to Soulja Boy!!! 

     #2. Some videos that people have downloaded, (including myself) have a advertisement or logo on them. I think you are less likely to get that feature for that bad ass street fight you submitted, when it says hosted @www.  psfights on the bottom of it. I find it unlikely that the staff at ebaums world would like to feature something on their website that advertises another website (well @ least for free anyway.)

     #3. Diversify. Personally, I have always kept a mix of uploads, everything from jokes to galleries, to videos and pictures. Have you tried posting a joke, or submitting a gallery? Most of the head contributors here have quite a diverse catalog of submissions.Take a cue from them and keep your submissions well rounded.


Uploaded 07/29/2008
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