Quality Vs. Quantity

Hey Guys -

This is for those users out there who have been cheating the system by submitting tons of poor quality content in hopes to raise their eReps.  You guys can all go ahead and continue submitting garbage, but when it comes time for me to review each users account and send out eRep prizes, you better bet your ass that I will be canceling your order and if you continue submitting the worthless games, video, galleries, etc... I will eradicate your account, resulting in you having to start all over again.  I'm sick of seeing thousands of repeated medias uploaded to our site.  If you have never noticed before, there is a "search" box, click here to see.  This is where you can seach our site to see if you will be posting a duplicate media item.  What ever happened to submitting "original"  content into our site?  Can't you get off your lazy asses and submit something creative? So, for all you schmucks out there, you're ruining it for the rest of the users who WANT to contribute QUALITY content and try and get featured.  We had to lower our point system yesterday for all submissions.  So, quit submitting the garbage or please leave the site, we don't want your shitty content. 



Uploaded 08/05/2008
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