Questions About Stealing And A Rant About Sesame Snaps

Seeing as many of you fine folks make it an afternoon stealing content from other places, I was hoping one (or more) of you could help me do the same.


This isn't another one of those blogs about how to upload videos to this's flooded with enough garbage already; nobody wants to see my clip of a dog pooping on a kitten. Nope, this one is about those glorious other internet sites that allow you to download movies and TV shows. My question is about the glory that is the torrent.


I've been a steady user of for a while, but as of late it has been giving me trouble. (Go figure!) I sometimes search for stuff using, but it, too, has been hit-N-miss. So my question to any internet-savy folks reading this: what is a good torrent site?


I don't want to have to join any groups or get shafted with that "upload three, get one download" business some of them run. I'm looking for a place that is easy to use, doesn't require any sign-ups or accomplishments to meet, and has a ton of selection. I mostly download TV shows (full seasons when possible) and movies of all sorts (a lot of classics from the 1950s to the late the selection I'm looking for is diverse). I've pretty well hit my wits-end with the two main torrent sites giving me static, so I'm looking for somewhere new to "borrow" from. Any help?? Anyone at all?


OH! Right! The Sesame Snaps thing.....almost forgot. Anyone ever eat those handy little packages of Sesame Snaps? You know, they're a shitload of sesame seeds moulded into a fun-sized little rectangle using honey and an assortment of other tasty treats? Why don't they make the fuckin' things in 'original flavour' anymore?!? All I can find is that piss-awful vanilla tasting ones. Sure, vanilla is cool (we dated a few times in high school....shit got crazy!) but a sickly-sweet burst of what tastes like lumpy, crunchy ice cream isn't what I'm going for when I get these things, ya know? I want it to taste like two things: sesame seeds and honey. Fuck that vanilla shit.


Okay.....that's all.  Any answers to the torrent thing would be much appreciated. Also, if you know why Sesame Snaps taste like shit now, that'd be cool too. (But mostly the torrent one.)



Thanks for reading,

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 09/09/2009
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