R.I.P Blog section....Read This its important!!*update*


         I have posted on this site before. Maybe you know me? Maybe you like to pee sitting.I do not judge..But recently i have noticed that the blog section has literaly died.I will now try to be a voodoo preist and resurect this section. I do not want comments!! What i am Now about to request is that all of you who read this Post The most perverse Sickest Things you can think of in the blog section.. Comment on the other peoples Blogs who leave them. Rate .judge ,Leave rude comments but post your own before You read another blog. Dont be let down by negative comments feed off of them, each one you recieve is a reason your life is better than the persons who wrote it. Think outside of the box!! none of these I like vagina blogs. They come off as gay.sorry buddy but they do...

    *off topic Dont respond its a reminder*

As you all may know i have had blue deleted.He remade it but i was the winner.He now hired some Closet homosexual  who preaches about vaginas to take his place.There will be no difference in his style.Jk


Again Post a Blog ..The better ones will recieve more input.The way it should be.


Matt the leader of the zombie bloggers


SlimeDime ?? Wtf does that even mean .....Man your Boring....Try to blog about your life.

Blueeeeee!!.......Like allways yes bring the ribbon...But please wear clothing.The razor burns scared my five year old nephew... also is that herpes? my nephew has it now ,Mustve been those "hugs" you gave him...Best wishes new blue....

Uploaded 12/27/2008
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