Race Card

Nobody cares about white on white, or black on black crime/violence but if a white man assaulted a black man, or a black man assaulted a white man, it would be on the news.

  Why is it absolutely always a race related hate crime when two people of different races get involved in conflict?   Most of the time, it's the people who want to end racism who are the quickest to make these assumptions.   It's like we've adapted and now all interracial conflict is simply called that.

 A racially fueled hate crime is a crime against a member or group that belongs to a different race than the offender, where the offender is motivated to commit the crime based solely on discrimination, prejudice, or hate towards that member or group.
 That last part is important.  We cannot assume that any black guy who attacks a white guy did so because he does not like white people, and same should be said about a white who attacks a black person.

 All of these people assume colour-blindness "I don't see colour, I'm not a racist like that".   That would be fantastic, if it were true.   If you can't tell a story without mentioning the race of the people involved, you are only adding to the problem. 

It's even in our statistics.  For some reason we always group Caucasians and minority races in different categories with their own statistics.   "Black people are 3 times more likely to...."   Seriously?  Even if it's accurate, it's that separation that fuels racism.  Depending on how you understand the definition of racism, some may even consider that shit racist, or at the very least racialism.  Which is a made up word (or definition rather) for those who believe races have significant differences, but they just don't hate them, or think they are better than them because of it.  It's racism, just not so KKKish.

Want to end racism?  End races. No, I don't mean genocide, but I mean going back to the very basis we learned in school.  You know, what ever happened to "The colour of a person's skin does not make them who they are, we are all people!"

Categorizing, and identifying people based on race is not only retarded, it's socially acceptable to a certain degree. As long as you do not show dislike for another race, you can say "I waited in line behind some black chick for like 20 minutes". 

We don't do it with any other visual differences.  We don't say "one of my green eyed friends just bought a new car".  We just say "My friend got a new car".   Unless they're of another race, and then it's like you owe it to your fellow Caucasian to fill in these details. 

I don't think most people mean any harm in it, but how can anyone expect racism to diminish if we're still, not only using it as the initial way to identify someone, but also making assumptions based on it.

You don't have to hate to be a racist.   If you're as colour blind as you claim to be, start referring to people as what they are - people. 


Uploaded 04/11/2012
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