Racism and Me?

Alright, I've delt with racism against me in the past, mainly from dumb white people who are pissed because they didn't get their way for the day.

But the other day, I was called-out by 2 old Black Ladies, never before have I been insulted (or attempted insult) by 2 Old "African-American" Ladies.

So, it was another day of work at the Deli, and that day I was the cook, you know, preparing fried foods, rotisserie chickens, and assorted side items.  My other coworkers manned the deli counter where they sliced meats and cheeses and prepared sandwhiches.

Toward the end of the day, I saw these 2 old black ladies approach the deli counter and start talking to my coworker.  From my end of the deli, it seemed like they were just inquiring about sliced meat.  Ok, so they walked off, and as they did, my coworker left to enter the days production into the computer.

Meanwhile, as my coworker was in the office behind the deli, the 2 old naggers came back to the deli counter, but there was no one to help them, so I took off my dirty cooking apron and walked over to see if they needed help.

So I walked over and said, "Hello, how may I help you ladies?"  The one old black lady who was able to speak asked me if we had any "RoTITzery-Style" sliced chicken breast.  I said "yeah."  Apparently "yeah" wasnt the correct response...  At first I thought she was playing with me and she started to say, "You do NOT say "Yeah,"  that is not the way you speak to me!"  I was like, "ummm, ok" inside my head, but I am polite and appologized.  This bitch just wanted to argue and said, "You know, you're being very rude to me and I dont want you to help me, I want that lady (my coworker) to help me, because you're being very rude to me..."

All the while, one of the customer service clerks happened to walk by as this bitch was heckling me about my "yeah" response.  So I walked to the intercom and said, "Maria, please come to the deli for Costomer Assistance..."  I said it twice, the second time a bit louder.

So she came and I told her that those bitches were being "fuckin' bitches" and she took over so I could go outside for a smoke break.  After I came back in, they were gone and my coworker told me that they said that I was very rude (which I wasnt...) 

Later that night, the customer service clerk came by and told me what they said to him.  He witnessed those cunts go off on me and he tried to stick up for me saying that I was a good guy and that I'm not a rude person. 

The customer service guy is also black, but he has much better behavior then those old bitches.  He said that they said, "Dont stick up for that White Boy!"  At that point he got offended and said, "Woah, its like that?!?!  You know, I have a White Girlfriend and color should never be an issue!"

I didn't know that they had said that until at least an hour after they left.  I though it was funny because A.)  Those ladies were complete Cunts trying to get free shit by complaining and B.)  I'm not White!  I am Hispanic, but they only associate Hispanic with Mexicans, of which I am not a Mexican.  I am half Cuban and half Italian... 

I thought to myself that it would have been funny to start yelling at them old bitches in Spanish or Portuguese to see what they would have said...  Dumb old bitches...

Uploaded 03/05/2010
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