Racism, NASCAR, and shit-covered dicks

NASCAR for years has tried to recruit black drivers in a push for the false benefit of achieving diversity. Maybe by having a majority of black drivers someday, NASCAR will arrive at being a legitimate sport. You see, if mostly-Southern white people are in the stands watching white drivers, NASCAR will never be considered an actual sport in the minds of the politically correct sports world.Ive always found it interesting that majority white sportshockey and NASCAR.are so preoccupied by bringing blacks into their respective sports. 88% of NBA players are black and you dont hear the NBA or their owners working on a diversity program to teach young white kids to play basketball. But that is exactly what is happening in NASCAR. Former Dale Earnhardt Incorporated worldwide operations president Max Siegel, who is black, is determined to change the face and faces of NASCAR. Revolution Racing, a race team that Siegel owns and operates with former vice-president of DEI, John Story, was created to develop female and minority drivers and crew in an academy style. Revolution Racings drivers and crew members participate in NASCARs Drive For Diversity. Earlier this year, Revolution Racing announced a new docu-reality series called Changing Lanes that will air on September 1 on BET that will show RRs drivers and pit crew members compete in NASCARs developmental race series.Siegel has recruited racist rapper Ludicris to be part of his team. Yes, this is all going to work out just swell! This is just another stupid attempt to force blacks where they do not really want to go while alienating NASCARs traditional fan base.NASCAR has never been a sport open to every kid. Most of the drivers have relatives who are also drivers. It is different from every other sport. Michael Jordans brother was not a professional basketball player. Yet Rusty Wallace has two brothers and a son driving in NASCAR. Why? Because they have access to super-expensive fast cars that turn left. Black kids care about basketball primarily and football next. They have no interest in racing and never will. NASCAR can try to import rich black car owners, black drivers, and do shows on BET but the end result will be the same. The only fans NASCAR will ever have will be whites.There have been black NASCAR drivers. None have succeeded. The last one I remember was Willie T. Ribbs (I didnt make that up). He drove the Afro-Sheen Cadillac (I made that up). He was a tremendous failure. NASCAR is now like professional wrestling. Its almost scripted. Races are tremendously boring. Drivers race for points rather than wins. Team racing destroyed competition. Forcing women and black drivers on fans will further destroy what once was fun to watch.

Uploaded 06/22/2010
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