Racists.. you get out the country.

I am so sick of seeing Racist remarks all over my Facebook off pathetic morons who decided to hate one religion or race just because of what a few people did. A couple of days ago, muslims burnt poppys for remembrance day in a protest they were doing... and all I heard all day was 'Get them all out this fucking country' 'They burnt poppys, we burn Muslims' It makes me sick. Ok I understand that it was a disgusting thing to do, and if they really do hate it here then they don't have to be, but I wish people would stop blaming every muslim in the country for an act a few people did. There is good and bad in every religion/race/country and the people in the UK seem to think they are perfect, they're not! I just wish that some people could stop being so ignorant and nasty. I think that everyone is equal, there is good and bad in everything like I said but stop putting bad on all the people that wern't born in the country. One more thing I will say is when I worked in a factory with a lot of polish people they were the ones that worked the hardest, they were so friendly and they did exactly what they were supposed to do.. all the others just bitched about them and said they should go home. From that statement who do you think is the worst person? It just all needs to stop now.
Uploaded 11/22/2010
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