Rambling Conceptions

You know what is one of my favorite commercials? No. So I'll tell you!

Those commercials! They're very funny; I won't go into the why of it all.

You know what I dislike? Euthenasia! It's annoying, but if there was a better solution for populus regulation of canines and/or any other animals, then we'd be using that method instead of murdering innocent animals. And what I mean by innocent, is an animal that has no notions of prejudice, malice, persecution, irritability, to that of another animal... Maybe that's a little ignorant, I don't know... Maybe all animals have those concepts floating around in their brains, and we just can't figure it out. If that was the case, then the only reason people kill animals is because we cannot speak or understand their language and they can't speak and/or understand ours... Hell knows... People all prioritize, for money, for compensation for their hard work... And that's also OK!

All of life is fair; if it wasn't fair, then it wouldn't exist! Eventhough there is poverty, abuse, tyranny, pedophilia, genocide, and anything else that seems refusive to you, it all balances out the other side of the world, the peaceable side, the tranquil side!

It's, to me, pretty much Yin and Yang. It's all equal. So think about this: If you're having a shitty day, e.g., your arm was blown off by a .45, then someone is having the same degree of occurences on the other side of the number line! (-2 & 2)... You know...

Hahahha!: Rectal thermometry! Funny! Family Guy!

Yeahh....................................... This blogg is good! Well, I think so..

Conclusion: I'm an Absolutionist. Whatever happens in this World, devasting or honorable, it is/was all suppose to happen that way. Hitler, Ghandi, Newton, Galileo, JFK, and all the instances in which those people contrive, without it all, there'd be nothing; simple nothingness! There is no future, only Past and Present, and I'm only living for right now!...

Grazi -- j_q!

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