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So after reading the blog by Tyaeda "TL DR" I felt the need to write this. I have no idea where its going...just some rambling for the sake of rambling.

I agree with most of what you guys are saying in the comments but I wouldn't put this entirely on rap.  When has rock music ever insisted on picking up a book and reading??  Or country music??  I think it's just the entitled, be cool attitude in general.  Hard work is no longer needed when you can kick yourself in the nuts, put it on youtube, and become famous.  I think it's great that youtube is there for creative outlets, but go there right now and type the name of a song you want to hear and there are 30 assholes who covered the song in their bathroom hoping to be discovered.  I just want to hear the original fucking song... not some chick who needs compliments from strangers to validate herself.  Everyone wants to be an overnight success, nobody wants to put in the work.  (not saying everyone on youtube is this way, just an example)  Like all the girls posting "sexy" pictures on the social sites.  Ok, we get're hot.  But some of them become pseudo celebrities from it.  What happened to moving to the big city, developing an eating disorder, and banging your way to that status??  So many women before them had to do it the old fashion way. 

As far as what Dangle was saying about kids not being able to fail... I agree with that completely.  Everything that we do now, everyone has to be equal.  We are turning our kids into pussies.  Everyone gets a trophy in sports, even though one team wins and the other loses... that's if they even keep score at all.  When I was young and lost, it made me work harder to get better so I could win.  Let your kid cry about it and then he will get over it.  You can't grow without failure.  It's all this positive reinforcement bullshit.  Look, I'm not saying to hit your kid..but when I was being an asshole my dad hit me.  I thought, "Fuck...I'm not doing that again."  And I didn't.  If he would have sat me down and tussled my hair and all that fruity crap... I would have pegged him for a sucker and continued to be an asshole. 

So to summarize..... don't let your kids turn into pussies. 
Uploaded 10/07/2011
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