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I'm not trying to start a debate on here, just throwing a thought out there.  Mostly cause I'm bored as shit.  And shit gets very just sits there, unless it is in the toilet.  Then it gets to have a blast on the smelly log ride.  Anyway..I'm getting side tracked.  Im not really sure where I am going with this either, I'm kind of just blabbing.

I know there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters on this website, so I try and look more into what he is all about.  I try and keep an open mind about everything in life so I like to investigate both sides.  From this site you get a lot of people posting and telling the "good" of Ron Paul.  Then I have a cousin who is always mass emailing the "bad" of Ron Paul.  I'm using quotations around good and bad because they are subject to peoples opinions, and using Ron Paul as an example because it was an email I got from my cousin about him that made me think about this.

Her email was about the supposed Ron Paul newsletter from the 90's where there are a lot of ignorant quotes and very homophobic/ racist comments on there.  His supporters are saying that he had no idea about them and didn't write them.  His opposition are saying that is an excuse, and he still let it go out under his banner of approval etc.  I could easily see these as being fabricated to try and sway the public opinion of him.  I've seen the commercial of him helping the black couple in the hospital.  Why would he do that if he was a racist?  Or was that fabricated to sway the opinion in his favor?

Basically, what I am saying is that politics is a lot like religion.  You have a guy on a podium telling you what's what, and you can believe him or not.  It all comes down to faith.  You are taking their ideas and beliefs and voting based on them.  You are voting based on what you believe the outcome will be, the affect they will have on things. Just like religion, you are having faith that what you are being told is true, and that the outcome will all be worth it.  I am not religious, but I find it to be really interesting.  Religious people, and supporters of certain political figures are very similar.  Very passionate about what they believe and will sometimes defend it to a fault.  Some people speak intelligently about it while others call you names and say you are stupid for having different beliefs as them.   I also think it is funny how some people can be a political or sports fanatic.... yet make fun of religious fanatics for doing the same things. 

I get it though, there is a lot at stake.  Especially right now.  I just have a hard time believing anybody who is solely on one side.  Like my cousin....she is against Ron Paul. But she is so against him that it comes off as bias and full of agenda.  Not a fan of that way of thinking.  Like they can't be reasoned with because their mind is set in stone.  She doesn't want to listen to anything he has to say and that is kind of stupid.  And there are people on his side who I am sure have the same thinking but the opposite.  He can only do good type thinking.  My history teacher (RIP) in highschool once told me that if you want a better truth about history, then you have to keep an open mind and read the history from all sides.  I try and use that in everything and I think it applies to politics. 

I'm ending this now because it's just rubbish and I don't really know where I was going with it in the first place. 

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