Ramblings of the Stoned X

"Write drunk, edit sober." - Ernest Hemingway

-Skimming a chapter is to comprehension what grouping the pieces without snapping them together is to a puzzle.


-I hold my art to a very high standard, so when a client with no knowledge of the process delays production with a series of the nit-pickiest of revision requests, itâs enough to drive me to temporary insanity.  This is partly because I build my pieces like a house of cards.  Asking me to move that one card on the bottom because it's important to you to express an opinion can easily make the whole thing collapse.  Fine by me, but say goodbye to my original quote and your important deadline. 


-Netflix instant play has all episodes of the UK version of "The Office", except for the 2-part Christmas follow-up.  That is just a bitch of an unsatisfactory situation.  #First World Problems


-What the hell are "high cheek bones", and why do they automatically make someone attractive?


-Just had a dream that I was giving a pep talk to someone to do the right thing.  She didn't want to use a needle to sew up a torn corner of a mattress that was hanging out of the side of a tree house just large enough to house it, because the tree house was at the water's edge of a pond, and there was a good chance that she'd fall into the water, right where there was a bloated body of a drowned man.   The police and a houseman of the resort that owned the property were trying to fish it out all day, but all went home to try tomorrow.  I took the sewing needle from the girl I was giving the pep talk to and said "Sometimes you've got to do the something you don't want to, to do the right thing".  I climbed up the side of the tree, and gripped the corner of the mattress, made the first stitch, and the covering started to pull loose.  I tried to hang on, but fell backward into the water.  I could hear the girl screaming as I splashed frantically in the water to get out, as I felt the sensation of a very large stewed tomato bump and linger next to my arm.  Then I woke up.


-So far the only positive I see about Disney buying the "Star Wars" franchise is that they will no doubt see how financially irresponsible it is to not release the original trilogy untouched by clumsy revisions on Blu-Ray and DVD.



-When you're a kid with limited understanding of the world, everything has this surreal sort of beauty.  Everything is an oddity.   I think that's why I enjoy absurd things, whether they be art, movies, jokes, or whatever.  It takes me back to that feeling of just having surface appreciation for things for their very nature, and not how they fit into the grander scheme of things, or any agendas behind them, or what purpose they serve.


-Purists are simply disinterested in learning anything new.  They are old and set in their ways.


-Old people are resistant to change, even when they are aware that the old ways are often lacking in many areas.  I think it's not only because of abiding by certain rules their whole lives, but it was the gradually growing understanding of why those rules came to exist in the first place, as the pieces start to fit.  Suddenly, they're expected to get used to new ideas by people that were born when they themselves were thirty years old, and it scares them.


-The cliche "That which does not kill us makes us stronger," must refer to the strength of one's self-confidence.  There's no way that someone who survives being shot nine times, even if they've made a miraculous recovery, is not weaker in body than they were before.


-If you can't afford to eat healthy, you need to find another job or a place with cheaper rent.  Easier said than done, but true nonetheless.


-I'm beginning to think this blog series is an exercise in brevity for me.  Lots of these ideas could be fleshed out into their own individual blogs, but why dwell on things that could be summed up more eloquently in a couple sentences?  Yet I still refuse to "Twitter", because I think it's pointless.


-The most commonly shared instance of being told a bald-face lie is from that friend on Facebook that is overweight and has been for years, and not only lists "working out" in their activities, but regularly leaves statuses about the great workout they just had.  I look at their strategically cropped profile photo and think "Why must you lie to me and yourself, old friend?"


-I used to be a misanthrope, before I realized not all people are obnoxious, it's just the obnoxious ones that stand out, like a scar on an otherwise flawless face.

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