Random blogage.

Blogging. It's not something I'd normally do. Pouring thoughts onto a screen isn't my style. But it's 00:50am (yes I'm English, bring on the ridicule :p ) and sleep is no where near. I've spent my day looking for work. Again. Living in the armpit of Kent (Thanet), where the average person can string together about 3 words to form a barely comprehensible sentence, you'd think finding a job would be easy. Nope. Not in the slightest. Since I came back from Spain July '08 I've been looking. I've applied everywhere. And the one crappy job I got an interview for, my so called friend went for as well, and got the job instead. I still think she only got the job because she had one of those 'cum on my face' looks going on. Interviewer was male after all...

So, with a job will come money. And with money? Probably a whole heap of other problems. First things first...move out. Again. Living with your mother and 15 year old sister isn't the best of arrangements. Especially when the latter is retarded. Well, she's not actualy retarded. I guess it's just Thanets upbringing showing through again. Moving away to Spain thinking everything was going to be perfect, only to come back home again to possibly the worst place in the UK.

I would normally seek refuge around a good friends of mine, and use his spare computer and spend my hours playing WoW (again, bring on the ridicule), and everything was fine. The hours I kept didn't coincide with the people I lived with, so there was no bumping into each other in the hallway, rapidly followed by arguments blown out of proportion because I hadn't got enough sleep due to some shitty D&B being played in the room above. But then my friend got himself a partner. Nothing wrong with that. It was just his choice. Being female myself, funnily enough I don't normally get on with the same sex...I find their logic stupid and their interest in petty things depressing. But this particular female was possibly the most annoying I have had to spent any length of time with (and yes, this includes my younger sister). I won't go into details..I'd be here all night otherwise. Point being is that now I no longer had my refuge. /sigh.

So now my evenings are spent at home. With nothing to do. I forgot to mention that the belongings I left behind when moving to Spain (I was going to arrange for them to be shipped over, so I left everything behind) had been sold upon my return by my younger sister. And apparently my mother hadnt noticed. That's my PC, PS3, thousands of pounds worth of films, games and music. All gone.

I suppose I should wish myself luck dealing with the stupidity that has just walked through the door. How tempting the bring my red and black striped coffee mug down on her head as soon as she opens her mouth to speak. I can dream I guess?

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