random thoughts from a diseased mind part 666

i went outside today. rainy and cold, i drove to my local Sam's Club to buy a bag of buffalo wings. they were good.

as i drove to that shining monument to American greed and gluttony to buy my unneccicary food, i had another break from reality. it's hard to explain. it just feels like people arent real. i stare at people and i am sure i look quite insane when these breaks happen.

pink globs of goo. like a movie going on and everyone i see are extras in the movie that is my life. strange strangers in a strange land.

my sons football team lost for the first time last night. rain and cold and mud and sweat and tears. real football for real men.....well, for 10 and 11 year old men that is. they beat themselves. cant win a ball game when you miss tackles and fumble the ball.

i really need to get a job so my mind is occupied more. me having time to think is a baaad thing. my newest obsession is this 2012 bullshit. i'm strange and different though. i'm not afraid it will happen.... i WANT it to happen! this would be the great equalizer, my friends!

i already despise and loathe most of the general population, so becoming the leader of a Mad Max style gang of murderers and misfits ravaging the countryside in search of gasoline, food, and pussy would be a great job for me. plus i want to wear a mask made from steel and hate.


go Cowboys.

Uploaded 10/04/2009
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