I noticed my last blog was yesterday and many blogs away. It's really hard to find something to write about on a Monday without a natural disaster personally befalling me.

So if you don't mind I'll just feed off of your blogs and one story about Rand Paul.

Rand Paul is the Republican candidate who won the primary in Kentucky. He is the son of Ron Paul, a rare man of integrity within Congress.

Well, the establishment and main stream media were not at all happy at the prospect of Rand Paul winning. So they embellished a story about his past in GQ that went viral. It told a tall tale of him kidnapping a girl, twenty seven years ago, forcing her to smoke from a bong and pray to Aqua Buddha. It was total exaggeration and a sad example as to what has happened to the American media. Google the story at  Rand Paul Hoax.

Glad to see a blog from Straightjacketgirl, about how Jimminy  Cricket set up a meth lab in her smoke alarm. I suppose Pinocchio has quite the elaborate grow-op  inside Jonah the Whale. Can you see a giant baleen smile cruisin'  the high seas?

Rednote67 being a well trained pit bull is keeping tight quarters on the obnoxious bloggers. Good boy! He also tries to promote  independent music of original content, tough sale in a musically brain dead society. But I find promise in how someone mentions a tune and a few embrace it. If I don't know it I check it out, and wow, that's some good shit!

On a positive note Nova999 finally wrote a blog. Long awaited and anticipated, it wasn't well received but non the less he had the courage to write it while under the apparent influence of alcohol. Excuses, excuses!

Fetismo and Ihavenolife999 locked the doors to the pound threw out a steak and made their bets. The fight ended early, fetismo not satisfied tried to antagonize Tomlet to no avail.

Some new guys showed up. I like that. TonyCapa the Italian medallion, and Crackjaw the soap sucker fucker!


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