Well I was playing old guy on Friday because I was in my neighborhood Remke store and in case you dont know, it is a small grocery chain trying to eek out an existence in this economy. I was in there doing my shopping and there was this gentleman in front of me who was talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to the girl ringing his order up and I heard this poor girl ask three times "is plastic ok?" now jerk didn't hear because he was talking about some television show with whoever. Now I am a pretty patient guy and there is no real phone rules but I think common sense should come into play here and I felt so damn sorry for this girl and I could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears. lol She finished ringing up this ass and had just finished bagging up his groceries when this ASS finally got off the phone and YES YOU GOT IT he said "hey I want paper not plastic" this cashier looks at me and then at the ground and I thought well hell this is going to be good but she just started taking his groceries out of the plastic and putting it in paper. Well that is it for me and I said "hey asshole if you would have put your phone down you would have heard this poor girl ask you three times if plastic was OK" and he replied "what business is it of yours" and now I was pissed and I said "well ASSHOLE, I have to wait on you and you are one rude prick and be real careful here because I am getting pissed" his reply "I am not afraid of you" and I said "well good, if you get out of the way I will get rung out and we can settle this outside". He grabbed his groceries and left. This cashier told me I was her hero and I said thank you but the damn guy was gone and I am sick and tire of rude ass people.


Thank you for reading and I know this was kind of all over the place but I am still pissed off and PUT THE DAMN PHONES DOWN. lol Bohank

Uploaded 05/31/2009
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