Ray charles stevie wonder. They have alot in common.

Being 13 I know little about either one of these great musicians.So i had to ask around to find out who and what these two people had in common with more recent artists.

   My starting topic was what do these two people whom i have no knowledge of have in common. The results are startleing.Both were born black.... Later in their lives they became blonde....Naturaly! Aparantly people feel bad for these types of african american blonde people. I being a white blonde get little to no sympathy..That is racist!!! All i hear are bad blonde jokes.....None of this he overcame great hardships being blond crap ..ya know what fuck ray charles, i wouldnt even watch his movie if i was paid insane amounts of cash .Because I do not care about his bullshit.His music is so stupid... He is a wanna be tom waits.And tom waits hates ray charles too.He said so in singapore. At least stevie wonder had a decent name .None of this   I ahve a first name for my last name shit. I dont care if hes blonde he needs to either go with ray or charly.......And for you fans .fuck off shit blood i dont care if you enjoyed that one decent song either one of these no talent assholes put out.And fuck bluenote hes boring now im convinced he is eshel btw.,..And eshel at least he is an asshole and doesnt try to make it look or sound cool. Ya know what if you read this and dissagree with me fuck off. eat shit...I hope you burp up an aids infested condom .Assholes.



Fuckin shit n crap mother fuckers.

Matt the leader of ray charles and blonde zombies

Uploaded 12/20/2008
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