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poor you, how the world will never understand you... riiight

firstly i want you to understand that "mainstream music" isn't actually a category, its a label put to certain lists that show what the general public likes. so before you say "fuck you" to something you may want to specifically state who you flipping a bitch. 

let's say i read your bitching and i gather you are trying to say that "rappers" these days have become nothing more that material wankers...

i agree

what i don't agree with is your blatant disregard for the music industry. you see not all of these lists are made up of "rap" songs and while i agree that some Disney promoted singers (who shall remain nameless) are churned out to the masses, there are some good bands on these list's, bands like The Script.

as a musician myself in the industry, i find it offensive that you wont take the time out to judge for yourself whether or not any of these artists are worth listening to. you think the whole world just continues to like these bands and singers only because others do when actually the general public tends to like these songs and actually can make up their own minds whether or not they will listen to them. which brings me to my point of how would you know these bands and such suck if you don't listen to them? 

i think you forgot you aren't the first arrogant and ignorant emo kid to say "fuck mainstream music" 

i hate to break it to you but the world does not revolve solely on your opinion of "good music" and if you try to change that fact you will only dig yourself a deeper darker wider grave so that only your fat head will fit in it. i stopped listening to the radio, tv and internet's perception of "good music" a long time ago and judged for myself what is good and bad, and i found that no one band or singer can have entirely good songs and no bad songs it's up to you to choose what to listen to, no one stands there with a gun to your head telling you you have to like it, and if they do then all you can do is pity them for being so desperate. 

seems to me you think you're so enlightened because you don't listen to major labels, ah no. you are really just like 80% of alternative musicians who say they are against the machine when they don't even know what exactly that is, and how can you be against something you don't understand? 

i'm not ranting or lecturing you, i'm not complaining, or for any reason trying to put you down, all i'm saying is that before you knock something at least take the time out to understand exactly what it is your angry at.

Glenn Danzig once said that he does what he wants when it come to his band/s and that if other people don't like it it doesn't matter... truly someone who can say this, as his music isn't the opinion of his producer, or anyone else, his music is his opinion and view and if nobody like it so be it... and that's a lot of the reason music has become so simple and boring (mostly) its the opinions of the producers that only want to make money off certain artists so as a metaphor they chew the flavor out of them and spit them into the trash once they're done with them, so basically music which has lost or has no feeling or sense will come and go as quickly as it came, but those who really mean it will stay forever... not all rap is good but not all of it is bad either, not all punk, metal, indie, pop, rock and so on and so forth is good but its not all bad either which brings me back to my original point its you who makes the choice of what is good and bad while we may not all agree on everything (as we are individuals) we can sometimes agree on some things

i understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, your blog wasn't an opinion as much a baseless slam on a list of music, made by critics... 

happy blogging




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